Jordi Esteve

Jordi Esteve is the young chef who manages the kitchen at Restaurante Nectari. Esteve studied at the prestigious Hofmann School of Hospitality in Barcelona, which has trained some of the country’s most reputed chefs. He has worked at some of the most important restaurants in the country, including the Martín Berasategui Restaurant in San Sebastián, or El Girasol Restaurant in Moraria (Alicante), with two Michelin stars, and in international restaurants such as l’Ambroisie in Paris, with 3 Michelin stars.

In spite of his youth, he now boasts an impressive professional track record and has also worked as a consultant for many hotels, the luxury cruise company Silversea and also taken part in diverse Gastronomic Events all over the world. Among the different awards he has won as a chef is the Michelin Star awarded to Nectari in November 2012.

Jordi Esteve has always expressed his affection for the ingredients he uses. His cuisine is modern and imaginative and is a mix of traditional and modern elements. His leitmotif in the kitchen is product quality above all, and that is clear in the food served by Nectari, made with fresh, local, seasonal ingredients for all, including people affected by coeliac disease.


Jordi Esteve
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